title: from zero

genre: electronic: electro

release date: 15.06.018

© copyright - Niels Dettenbach


in my current public electronic music project "space camping" i try to push the boundaries and tech limits of historical to newest synthesizers and synthesis forms as the methods of music production, mixing and mastering - to let us explore new dimensions of sounds and timbres while having just fun to listen the evolution of a new music style.

so pls be a bit patient if some parts of the tracks may sound a bit "to crazy" to you when listening first time - do not wonder, if your speakers sound's to "break" sometimes. these tracks are on (and use the) the edges, limits and borders of todays replication systems as springboards - mutating them sometimes into new kind's of instruments in itself.

i don't like the so called "loudness war", as it squeaks out any dynamics and deepness out of music and i prefer dynamics. just tweak your volume knob a bit up if you prefer - but possibly your smartphone "speakers" step out here from time to time.

but most important to me: enjoy and have fun...

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