your mix is done and now you want to publish your raw mix onto the public? we give your mix the last - but important - push forward in quality, punch and clarity while bringing it onto the perfect levels and formats for todays world market channels - be it streaming, classic CD or even vinyl - with your target audiences in mind - i.e. for the club, headphone, background music, industry music, TV.

and yes: as mastering is a engineering craft we do master byself and not "automated". to let your song / music stand out from the mass, it should not be "spiced" as cheap tin food.

stem mastering

alternatively to the classical mastering which leads into a single stereo track we offer stem mastering too, where you get multiple mastered tracks ("stems") for each instrumental group and vocals. this allows you to use it for typical stem applications - i.e. extended DJing or later masters with different weight and colours of your track.

for proper stem mastering we need individual tracks / files of the regarding sub-groups.


you send us

  • the single audio track of your mix / pre-master (or multiple consolidated für stem mastering) by upload into our cloud or by email (email up to 600 MB per email).
  • some specs about target audience and
  • possibly needs / targets and
  • most important media (i.e. streaming, club / dance, CD etc.)

your get from us

a single fully mastered track per mix / pre-master track - competitive to highest industry standards - or mastered stems in WAV (44.1 KHz / 24 bit or 16 bit) by cloud download, AVID link or Email (if your email provider accepts larger emails).


depending on your needs we produce a master conform to industry loudness standards / guidelines or to maximum loudness (or "between").

masters for different media

on request, we produce / provide multiple masters - optimized for different applications - i.e.:

  • streaming platforms (iTunes, spotify, soundcloud, TIDAL and many others)
  • CD
  • vinyl press
  • club
  • radio
  • phone and phone network applications
  • other specific industry applications