you have a classic or exotic instrument, piece of gear or any "thing" you wan't to play as a virtual instrument or you want to get it as a high class sample pack?

we plan, record, process, implement and tune your own sample pack in most modern formats or build a integrated software instrument for you.


  • WAV / AIFF (24 bit / 44,1 - 196 KHz)
  • SFZ (24 bit / 44,1 - 196 KHz)
  • Wavetables (8/16/24/32 bit)
  • ...


  • NI Kontakt
  • Ableton Sampler / Simpler
  • Ableton Drum Rack
  • NI Battery
  • AIR Structure
  • NI Reaktor
  • Arturia Spark 2
  • Akai MPC
  • ...

please feel free to contact us in any case of question or for a quote.

((d^b)) Sample Collections

  • MBaseBrane11 - World of Kicks & T-Bridges
    sounds out of the MBase11 kick and MBrane11 T-Resonator machine - professionally samples for professional producers
  • B+B Drums + Perc
    a drum and percussion kit (Ableton Live and WAV) - fully synthesized, sampled and tuned from our new B+B Patchbank on the Novation Peak analog / hybrid synthesizer