we do professional mixing of your multi track recordings on top world class standards.

our studio is equipped with the current world class tools to mix any music project onto international standards while getting the best out of your songs.


your mix is done and now you want to publish your raw mix onto the public? we give your mix the last - but important - push forward in quality, punch and clarity while bringing it onto the perfect levels and formats for todays world market channels - be it streaming, classic CD or even vinyl - with your target audiences in mind - i.e. for the club, headphone, background music, industry music, TV.

and yes: as mastering is a engineering craft we do master byself and not "automated". to let your song / music stand out from the mass, it should not be "spiced" as cheap tin food.

music production

from single tracks up to complete songs - from pop to experimental - we produce music for most modern musical styles - for any commercial / private application.

audio restauration

with the worlds top tools and strong skills in audio signal engineering and forensics we repair and/or refurbish old audio recordings.

equipment and howtos