B+B drum and perc

this drum rack kit for Ableton Live contains a compilation of the drum and percussive patches / sounds from our B+B "bread + butter" patch bank for the Novation Peak analog / hybrid synthesizer.

i developed and used in my commercial production "from_" (from zero). it contains a easy to tune set of selected sounds from each patch.

all samples are professionally recorded through musical world class studio equipment and professionally crafted for best playability.


The drum rack kit contains 24 originally synthesized drum and percussive sounds.

  • 3 kicks
  • 4 snares / re-snare
  • 2 claps
  • 1 ride
  • 2 909 boom / bass
  • 4 sfx
  • HiHat with "Foot" Controller (Ableton Live only) / 6 steps from closed to open
  • drum bus (examples >= Live 10 only)

The drum rack is easy to retune. the Ableton Live >=10 version contains a drum bus with own presets.


  • Ableton Live Drum Rack (Live 9 / Live 10)
  • WAV

sound design, programming and compilation by Niels Dettenbach

If you want the original sounds / as patches for your Novation Peak, visit the original product page.

This product is free / included for owners of our B+B Patches for Novation Peak Patchbank.

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