Ableton Live

I like to use the TEMPEST in Ableton Live in his different modi:

  • BEAT (switching between beats by MIDI notes)
  • PAD (using pads / sounds by MIDI)
  • Poly-SYNTH (using the TEMEPST as a nice 6 voice poly synth)

for these cases i have built different drum and synth racks.

you have to add or remove blue lines depending of your i/o connections / usage of the Tempest - means: if you use more or less / or other) configurations of his multi io. 


  1. load the TEMPEST hardware instruments into Live (i.e. by dragging each onto a new MIDI track).
  2. check and - if rerquired - select the proper MIDI device and channel for your TEMPEST in the external instrument
  3. save the hardware instrument by the floppy disc symbol on the hardware instrument (swap to the instrument / fx pane of the track if rerquired to see the instrument)
  4. load the TEMPEST drum /instrument rack into Live (i.e. by dragging it onto a new MIDI track)
  5. if you do not see the chain list of the rack, open the chain view
  6. go trough each chain list element by click and check the proper audio input settings at the hardware instrument at right (be aware that only the blue lines have audio inputs - all other have to be leaved with "no input")

BEAT and PAD mode

TEMPEST for drum (BEAT and PAD) - MIDI channel 10
TEMPEST drum rack

poly SYNTH mode

TEMPEST as SYNTH - MIDI channel 9
TEMPEST synth rack
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